Announcing the release of Nellie’s Quest, the third and final book of the MNM Mystery Series 


While investigating the identity of a dead man, Detective Nellie Cox finds herself ensnared with the Black Hand extortion gang, lost in a maze of clues to find her mother, and the target of an assassination attempt. Her good friends, Max and Maggie spur her on to overcome fear and an unforgiving spirit with the power of God’s word.

The year is 1910 and Nellie’s detective skills are put to the test in a small town on the Columbia River. After purchasing a train ticket in Portland bound for Chicago, her search is on for answers: Who was the dead man? Can I face my past? Is my mother still alive? Can I escape the Black Hand’s assassin’s attempts before this mystery is solved?

As with the two previous novels, Nellie’s Quest centers around a foundational principle from God’s word. This time its forgiveness. Nellie must face her past, focus on the present and be willing to apply unconditional forgiveness before she walks into her future—that is if the assassin is captured before the contract is fulfilled.

Solving this case might resurrect her past…or she just may end up dead!

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